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September 04, 2019

While it appears that the Tampa Bay area will not experience the worst that Hurricane Dorian has to bring, it is still an important time to remind Tampa Bay area residents that we are just entering the busiest period of the hurricane season. On average, more than 40% of all Atlantic tropical storms and hurricanes form during the month of September, and Florida is the state most vulnerable to storm impacts. If you have not yet made preparations for the potential impact of a storm, now is an outstanding time to do so, and if you did buy supplies for Hurricane Dorian, it is a wise idea to hold onto those until after the season ends on Dec. 1.

Some key preparedness messages from the Tampa Bay area county health departments include:

  • Have a disaster preparedness kit — including prescription medications — for every member of your family. Be sure to include phone numbers for doctor offices and emergency contacts in that information as well.
  • If you or a family member needs more advanced medical care than can be provided at a special needs shelter, please contact your doctor to make special arrangements in advance of the arrival of a storm.

While we can hope for the best when it comes to hurricanes in the state of Florida, it makes sense to be prepared for the worst. For information on how to develop a survival plan, please visit the Florida Division of Emergency Management’s website at, or connect to your home county’s emergency management office from

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