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Baby Box Program

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Through the baby box program, parents can get a baby box that contains infant clothes, diapers, and other infant care supplies. The bottom of the box is lined with a firm mattress and fitted sheet so that the box itself can be used as a safe sleeping space for infants when empty.

One of the biggest risk factors for Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUIDS), formerly known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), is for a baby to sleep in a place where there are pillows, blankets, or any other soft bedding material that they could roll into or under. Babies can easily suffocate in soft bedding if they roll into or under it while they sleep. Another major risk factor for SUID is for a baby to be put to sleep in a bed with adults where it would be easy for a sleeping adult to accidentally roll over onto them in their sleep. To prevent this, babies should always be put to sleep on their backs, alone in a crib or bassinet with no blankets or other bedding material.

Baby boxes are provided at no cost to all Citrus County parents in the third trimester of their pregnancy after they complete a short online course. This course can be completed online or through Baby Boxes classes or childbirth classes. If you are interested in a baby box for your new addition, please complete the Baby Box Request Form to get started.

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