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Taking Care of Your Health Includes Getting Tested for Stds

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We know that a healthy diet and exercise are the basics for achieving and maintaining good health, and that routine screenings for conditions and diseases of all sorts—blood pressure, mammograms, diabetes, even bi-yearly teeth cleanings—can prevent sickness and other health problems from taking root. So maybe it’s lack of awareness or just plain stigma that keeps many sexually-active adults from being screened for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Either way, STD screening is safe, confidential (as all health screenings are) and easy, and most STDs can be cured with antibiotics. STD screening is a normal part of taking care of your health.

On December 14th, with the support of the Citrus County Board of Commissioners, we opened our new WIC office in Inverness. In this new space we are able to continue to support families in Inverness with breastfeeding and nutrition support. A new classroom space also enable us to host breastfeeding support groups.

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