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It's a New Day in Public Health.

The Florida Department of Health works to protect, promote & improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county, & community efforts.

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Community Health Planning and Statistics

Citrus County Health Department

Community Health Data:



County Health Rankings (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)

Amercian FactFinder (U.S. Census Bureau)

The Florida Department of Health in Citrus County continually monitors the health of our community by measuring and evaluating a variety of data point. Available community health data is frequently compiled in various topic-related reports. This data is used to guide program and service outreach efforts in our community.


The Citrus Health Improvement Partnership (CHIP) is currently meeting to work on the adopted Community Health Improvement Plan (PDF, 1525KB) addressing the four priority areas identified in the Community Health Assessment (attached below).

CHIP priority areas include:

  • Mental Health-substance and drug abuse; access to healthcare and related services
  • Healthy Behaviors Supported by Culturally Appropriate Health Education-to address: overweight and obesity; access to healthy food choices; tobacco use; lack of physical activity; personal responsibility in health decision-making
  • Child Health and Safety-healthy family life, effective parenting and social skills; activities for youth; educational, social and employment opportunities for young adults; primary prevention of chronic diseases and mental health problems in children and young adults
  • Access to Healthcare-affordable health insurance; enhancing access to primary care, mental health services, dental care and specialty care; linking people to needed health and social services; health literacy on appropriate use of healthcare services and resources
  • Promoting Health through Policy and Infrastructure Investments via a Health in All Policies Approach-to address: changing demographics, including the aging population and increasing Hispanic population; need for countywide strategic economic plan; economic issues including job training, jobs, wages and affordable housing; health equity

A subcommittee has been formed around each of these priorities. Anyone is welcome to join the partnership and/or subcommitteess. Please contact our CHIP coordinator, Nancy Witty, at (352) 527-0068 option 1, ext 299, for meeting details or other questions.

Florida Healthy Babies Initiative

The Florida Healthy Babies Initiative is a state-wide effort to address high rates of infant mortality at the county-level. All are welcome to participate in this community effort to review the available maternal and infant health data, identify priorities for action, and develop a workplan for targeted interventions. Please see the Florida Healthy Babies Initiative page for more information.

Tobacco Free Partnership of Citrus County

The Tobacco Free Partnership of Citrus County is facilitated through our Tobacco Prevention Program and consists of community partners who are committed to helping Citrus County live longer, healthier lives safe from tobacco and secondhand smoke. Tobacco takes a huge toll on our communities, and we need your support to make a difference. We are working with community organizations and leaders committed to educating others about tobacco use, helping protect kids from tobacco, and strengthening local policies, especially those that protect the public from secondhand smoke.

National, State, and County Data Systems

American FactFinder

Healthy People 2020

Florida CHARTS

Florida Health Finder

County Health Rankings

Citrus County Health Reports

2018 Community Health Assesment-Combined Document (PDF; 6,386KB) 

2016 Community Health Assessment (PDF; 3,620KB); Technical Appendix (PDF; 10,645KB)

Citrus County Maternal and Infant Health Report 2015 (PDF; 2,247KB)