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Onsite Sewage Disposal

Citrus County Health Department

Onsite sewage treatment and disposal systems (OSTDS), commonly referred to as septic systems, are a safe and effective means of wastewater disposal for 30 percent of Florida’s population. With an estimated 2.6 million systems in operation, Florida represents 12 percent of the United States’ septic systems. Properly designed, constructed, and maintained systems protect Florida’s ground water which provides 90 percent of Florida’s drinking water.  

How to Apply for a Permit

To apply for a permit, download and complete an applicationand submit it, along with a site plan, a building floor plan, and the required application fee to the county's department of health office. A site evaluation is needed to determine the conditions on your property and must be performed by a qualified professional. If you want, your county's department of health office can perform the site evaluation for a fee. The county health department will determine the total permitting fee based on the type of system needed for your property and the services you ask them to perform. The information in your application, site plan, building plan, and site evaluation will allow the Department of Health to determine the construction needs for the system to serve your property.

Septic Upgrade Incentive Program

To reduce pollution in Florida's waterways, the Septic Upgrade Incentive Program provides up to $10,000 to certified installers and licensed plumbers to offset homeowners costs of enhancing conventional septic systems with nitrogen-reducing features in select Florida counties. Citrus County is included as a priority county for this program. Septic system installers and licensed plumbers who are interested in participating in this program can find more information and apply using the link below.

More information on the Septic Upgrade Incentive Program

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