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Animal Bites and Rabies Prevention

Citrus County Health Department

We provide consultation and treatment for rabies prevention by working with Environmental Health staff and Citrus County Animal Control to monitor and investigate animal bite reports. 


Rabies is a preventable disease that is fatal if left untreated, and treatment must be started before symptoms develop to be effective. The rabies virus is transmitted through the saliva of an infected animal when the animal bites another person or animal. Animals that are infected with rabies may not show symptoms when the bite occurs, so it is extremely important that all animal bites are reported as soon as possible to initiate treatment.  

Animal bites should be reported to Citrus County Animal Control at (352)726-7660; these reports are then forwarded to the Citrus County Health Department’s Environmental Health Staff and the Disease Control Department for follow-up.

Rabies Treatment

Treatment for a possible rabies exposures includes wound care for the bite itself, a series of four arm injections of rabies vaccine, and administering of human rabies antibodies.